Losgi.com is an online gallery of the finest sporting gun images from the studio of Matthew Brown Photography. Set up inside the factory at A.A.Brown & Sons gunmakers and with many gun trade clients, this portfolio continues to grow and is available for all to see. The site has every gun taken since the start of the business in 2012, all shown in the high quality style now associated with Matthew.
The guns are presented here in the order they were taken, but please do use the maker options to the left to find specific guns, or just browse through at your leisure.
This is a living gallery from a working studio and will be updated regularly. The pictures here are all available to buy for your own use as high resolution files or prints of any size and if you to wish to use any please do contact the photographer.  Please do not reproduce any photographs from this site without permission.

If you would like to commission any work, please head to the photographers website at www.matthewbrown-photography.com

Thank you and enjoy the site.
Thank you!
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